Instore Audio
Ads from $59

In under 6-minutes, your Ad will be ready for our producers... it's that easy!

Loud Zebra is a full-service audio branding, content, and podcast production agency.

Instore Audio Ads from $59

In under 6-minutes, your Ad will be ready for our producers... it's that easy!

Loud Zebra is a full-service audio branding, content, and podcast production agency.

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High Quality Ads for your business.

We'll write your script and record it with a professional voiceover ... at a very affordable rate.

If you have some words written down, that's even easier! We'll pick it up, and have your scripts recorded.

We're affordable - create your Ad from only $59!

Quick and easy process, no fuss needed.

Your Ad will sound just like you want it to - without any stress.

How Does It Work?

You get your professional Audio Ad in just 3 easy steps.


Tell us about you and your business.

We'll need some info on who you are, your business, and some contact info. Simple so far!


Tell us what the key selling points for your ad are.

Let us know what message you want your customer to hear. Having a big sale? Special offers? A general message about what you do? Let us know what is important to you, and we'll make it sound great.


We'll create your instore ad campaign.

This is the fun part. You sit back with a coffee (skinny latte no sugar please) and we get our production team to work. We'll get it back to you pronto!

What our clients say

Don’t take our word for it...

"Loud Zebra never lets us down with quality and turnaround time. Nothing is ever an issue, TV, Radio, Corporate video audio, and social media content ... you can trust your content will be top shelf when working with Loud Zebra."

Dave Smyth

The Studio Door Creative

"Loud Zebra always delivers a quality product and ALWAYS on or before our timeline."

Sam Webster

Account Director,
Coordinate Advertising Agency

"Loud Zebra's acute sense of what will elicit an emotional response through exquisitely crafted soundscapes and auditory experiences, combined with decades of knowledge ensures unparalleled choice for your production."

Osher Günsberg

TV Host, Author


If you have any questions, just give us a call or drop us an email and we'll answer them.

Can I get my audio back same day?

You're talkin' our love language ... the simple answer is YES! But let's chat, cause it can often depend on talent availability (if needed), and the complexity of the project. Having said that ... many of our clients vouch that Loud Zebra is the speediest instore audio production in the West ... (okay, so we're based in the East of Oz, but that just doesn't sound as sexy)

How do I play my ad within my Spotify playlist?

Unfortunately at this current time, you cannot insert ads into your personal Spotify playlist. However we are talking to the head honchos @ Spotify about how we can help to change this policy. You can advertise on Spotify using your Loud Zebra produced Ad, just not in your own playlist quite yet.

Can you write my script?

Our team of professional creative writers will ensure your messaging instore will snap, crackle and pop! Just let us know what info you need included and we'll be sure to have you approve scripts prior to them being recorded.

How can I ensure you pronounce my business name correctly?

We love how you're thinking. Technology is an easy way to ensure the correct script is recorded 'correctly' ... first time. We recommend you record a sample to your phone and either attach it to your booking form, or email it directly to us -

I don't really know what I want, and would like to chat to someone.

The Loud Zebra team love a good human-to-human chin wag.
We can be contacted via email and phone (or snail mail if you really must)! - +61 0414 511 239.

I need some on hold messages - can you help with this also?

On holds, interactive voice messaging, online videos or social media posts, podcasts, radio or TV ads, streaming ads, heck we even do cinema. Basically if it needs audio, we're your one-stop team.

Can I change or revise my audio after it's recorded?

A mighty 'Hell Yeah' to this question! We want to work with you and your team in a collaborative way. This requires 'to-n-fro' between us and revisions are all part of the process. We insist that you feel involved and enjoy the ability to make changes, especially if other stakeholders are involved in the approval process.

Do you look after music licensing requirements?

Great question! The short answer is YES! a backing music track is included however we know the instore environment is a busy sounding one so our professional audio peeps recommend not using music backing, to ensure your messages have the instore 'cut-through' they deserve.

What if I don't like the audio mix?

At Loud Zebra we aim is to ensure your expectations are exceeded at every touch point. Our goal is to serve and bring our expertise so that you are a raving fan with a customer service experience you are excited to tell others about. We don’t offer refunds on projects once the talent has been commissioned to start the recording. However, we can always re-record to ensure your full satisfaction.

Ordering Your Ad Takes Less Than 6 Minutes

Easily order your Instore Ad, and we'll handle the rest!