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"I’m not sure if all writers are lazy, but this writer certainly is. I have always focused on getting the script right. After that, I normally go for a walk while the Producer comes in and sprinkles their own magic over the project. Like I said, lazy. But that’s where Daryl makes it so easy for a writer or client or agency. He takes any script and elevates it immeasurably. He immerses himself in every task and works to extract every ounce of quality from the voice artist and that ridiculously large SFX vault of his. Admittedly, these are levers that most Sound Engineers can pull. What Daryl brings to his production work is an edge, a talent that can’t be taught. His ability to laser cut through a message and understand precisely what notes the voice must hit and what sounds will tell a deeper truth is what makes his work so effective and, almost inevitably, so wonderful to listen to."

Mark Stevens

3 Bongos

"We’ve been working with Loud Zebra for almost 5 years now and they never lets us down with quality and turnaround time. Nothing is ever an issue, TV, Radio, Corporate video, and social media content ... you can trust your audio will be top shelf when working with Loud Zebra."

Dave Smyth

The Studio Door Creative

"Daryl is the ultimate professional. He produces incredible work in a timely manner, each and every time. He is a brilliant thought-board and information source to help improve my show. I wish I had worked with Daryl from the beginning, the journey would have been much smoother and far more enjoyable."

Greg Bennett

The Greg Bennett podcast

"The magic of today’s business tech world is the opportunity to find individuals of incredible talent in places where before, one would never consider looking. Daryl Missen has provided results far beyond our expectations with unparalleled customer service, timeliness, and an experienced objectivity answering not only our business needs but adding creativity and quality to our final product!"

Bill Werlin

Autio Inc.

"We launched our very first podcast, Your Brilliant Career, with no experience or knowledge of how to produce a great podcast. Daryl’s gift is that he edits in a way that makes every episode dazzle. The music, the smart edits, and ensuring the pace is right to bring it all together. I always feel a sense of pride when Daryl returns an episode because each one feels so professional and complete – Daryl is one of the most humble blokes you’ll ever meet despite his legendary industry reputation. He cares and produces excellent work consistently. Our entry into the wonderful world of podcasting has been a huge amount of fun thanks to him and his terrific support."

Gillian Fox

The Gillian Fox Group

"Daryl is a true audio professional to work with and I am pleased to have known him for many years. He always delivers a quality product and always on or before our timeline."

Sam Webster

Coordinate, Media agency

"When I first worked with Daryl, he turned up wearing along black velvet cape and a top hat. I was slightly confused as well asintrigued. But once he set to work and the sparks began to fly, it all becameabundantly clear. The guy is a magician in all things audio! I have worked withDaryl now on many projects, from simple straight advertising reads, to complexmixes and effects, and every time he delivers exceptional results that make melook good and my clients VERY happy!"

Mike Sarah

Couch Creative

"Simply put - there is no greater combination of ears and brains than Daryl Missen. His acute sense of what will elicit an emotional response through exquisitely crafted soundscapes and auditory experiences, combined with decades of knowledge that continue to guide the biggest names in broadcasting to commercial success, mean that Daryl is an unparalleled choice for your production."

Osher Günsberg

TV host, Author

"Daryl Missen's service and expertise is second tonone. We have been working with Daryl since The Physical Performance Show'sinception in 2016. We are now over 320 Shows in and Daryl continues to deliveron time, and with quality and precision. Thank you Daryl for your excellence indelivery of service."

Brad Beer

The Physical Performance Show

"Daryl is the ultimate pro. His attention to detail, audio expertise and ease of communication make him one of the best in the biz."

Madeleine Grummet

Human Cogs Podcast

"Daryl is a consummate professional and magic man. I send him my amateur sound files and he transforms me into a seasoned professional."

W.F Strong

Author, Narrator

Loud Zebra has recorded commercials for some of the biggest brands on the planet.

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